My name is Frank, a thirty-something German trying to share his thoughts with you. After having studied computer sciences, history and american studies, I work now as product consultant at a software company in Wiesbaden, Germany. Besides I’m also struggling as PhD candidate in American Studies at the University of Leipzig. Additionally, I love travelling, photography, music and talking all night through. If you like to get more information about me or get in touch with me, visit my personal website at www.frankscheffler.com

Coming up with a name

This blog derives its title from several ideas. Most apparently, it refers to the story of Don Quijote de la Mancha, written by Miguel de Cervantes in seventeenth century Spain. Quixote has ever been a favorite of mine. I like his personality, his determination, his passion and sense of justice. Even though he is totally lost in his fantasies and outmoded worldview, he serves as some kind of model. To most readers, Quixote might look like the outsider, gone completely nuts and caught in a world just constructed by his own mind. I think that is true – for all of us. Everybody lives in a virtual reality and fights his or her own windmills up on the hill. On the other hand, to put it bluntly, he is an idiot as you and me. We both like and hate him at the same time. We object his ignorance of reality, his stubborn behavior and rejection of alternative truths. Why? Because we are like him. We want the world to be black and white – just simple and flat.  I have accepted this Quixote in me and try to cope with it. However, he is a nice guy who teaches us an important lesson. The Pub just refers to the obvious. This blog is a public place, where I want to talk to friends and strangers as well. It is a place for having a good time, musing and pondering about the world, the truth and other spectacular illusions. Cheers!