Simple Truths

You will not find any simple truth or answer to your questions in here. Neither will I try to inflict my own thinking on you. Please do not mind me if I do so accidentally anyway. I neither stick to any confession, mantra nor ideology. At least I try to as much as I can. The plain goal of this blog is just to give you insights into my thinking and the way I try to come to grips with the world we are living in. As everybody else, I have constructed my own worldview but still feel the necessity to go on brooding over it again and again. Sharing my thoughts and questions with you shall help me to reconsider my beliefs and find fellow souls. And if one thing should be pretty clear right from the start, this is a never ending story. Come with me down that road, wherever it may lead us to.

In case you think that I am only one of these lunatics, who are trying to find the philosopher’s stone in order to delight the world with sophisticated wisdom as an end in itself – (I hope) I am not. I would be glad simply by knowing that I could inspire anybody out there. The most important thing is not to find answers – but to contest the questions we pose to ourselves. Feel free to challenge my viewpoints – I will do so as well. It is no dogma I am working on and no final destination I am heading to.

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Do not believe the truth!

No, I am not telling you any conspiracy theory now. I have no secrets to lay open and share with you. And no God spoke to me in order to become the next prophet of divine truth. Even aliens did not come by so far to illuminate my mind. It is just me.

So what am I trying to say? My conviction is that all we do, all we know, is men made. There is no single truth about anything at all. Every living being sees the world differently. And it constructs it again and again. Our senses are imperfect and will always be. We cannot fully grasp what is around us. We only try making the best out of our perceptions. It is the same for any kind of social group. We share beliefs, expectations, values and hopes. But still all of this is only an imaginative way to invent reality.

So what? Realists might come up with the charge that all of this is pure relativism. That it is leading to nowhere but to despair. They claim that it assaults all foundations of society. Yes, it puts everything in question without the promise of compensation. Welcome to the post-modern world. You will not get anything for sure anymore. Take this as opportunity to change whatever needs change in your opinion. Reality is made in our heads only. If we change our thinking, we will change the world. Nothing is for granted. Declare an apple to be an orange and so it will be.